5 Best Infrared Sauna Blanket Reviewed in Detail (Dec. 2020)

Best Infrared Sauna Blanket (2020 Reviews) Our Top 5 PicksWith the latest infrared sauna blanket, sauna sessions can be invigorated at home in your very own sauna. Since this sort of sauna is foldable and compact, you will also be able to experience sauna therapy anywhere, even though the current more realistic trend in fitness is sauna blankets in the workplace or travelling.

Blanket infrared saunas enhance mental wellbeing by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Like in a normal sauna, sauna blankets help detoxify the body of unnecessary toxins and break down layers of fatty tissues.

You can note decreased cellulite on the exterior and weight loss. The Sauna Blanket and the radiant heat from FIR warms the body which allows increased circulation of blood which reduces blood pressure. Well, here we elaborate the benefits and some of the better characteristics of the infrared sauna blanket.

What is an infrared sauna blanket?

The Sauna Blanket is a Thermal Far Infrared Ray Sauna which uses a principle of body wrap to help detoxify the body of unnecessary chemicals and break down deposits of fatty tissue. The Blanket sauna has two advantages: elegance and fitness. The Sauna Blanket will help you shed pounds, inches and raising the cellulite look.

It can also help lower the blood pressure, reduce swelling, relieve muscle and joint discomfort, the discomfort of arthritis, and headaches. It helps to disinfect the toxin body and has been proven to improve the mood, too. The Blanket sauna is used in spas, fitness centres, physical therapy, and now in the house.

Our Top 5 Picks - Infrared Sauna Blanket (2020)

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Best Infrared Sauna Blanket (2020 Reviews)

VANELL Sauna Blanket Upgraded Version Far-Infrared

VANELL Sauna Blanket Upgraded Version Far-InfraredHeat Sauna Blanket with Infrared Heating Therapy-Using the unique penetrative energy of the body, it can absorb far-infrared rays.

When these rays penetrate the skin, the extreme thermal effects of the subcutaneous tissue cause dilation of the blood vessels and capillaries, thereby promoting adequate blood supply and helping remove body toxins and metabolic waste.

What Features are available here:

Sauna Blanket Safety comes with safety switch. If a circuit malfunction occurs, the switch automatically disconnects within 0.01 seconds to protect the safety. 85 ° (185 ° F) if the temperature is not controlled and begins to heat if applied to 85 ° (185 ° F), the system automatically disconnects the line, stops heating and alarms for one minute (Drip).


Often perfect for stress relief score joints and sore muscles, this intensely soothing therapy will leave you reinvigorated whether you are looking for immediate detox pain relief or just want to drop a small dress. Therapy treatment for the shoulder, hip and neck, back and legs.


Outside is Oxford fabric fibre of second-generation environmental safety, no stink, thinner and smoother waterproof. Inside, waterproof PVC also has the robust stretching capability, including in various sleep positions.

Safety Tips:

Pregnant mothers, more than 180 asthma, serious heart failure and other major illnesses are specifically banned. Small cotton pyjamas or bathroom bags may be used to catch moisture, bath towels may also be used, dry wipe twisted with damp linen.

To stop the blankets rubbing together, the blanket must be smoothed out while it is warm, do not fold the blanket until it cools, and do not set the temperature too high or keep it on for long periods.

Best overall: SKYTOU Sauna Blanket, 2 Zone Digital Far-Infrared

SKYTOU Sauna Blanket, 2 Zone Digital Far-InfraredTo assist with discomfort and muscle cramping, this much infrared sauna blanket. It is like a zippered sleeping bag on both ends. Simple to run, and easy to wipe.

Therefore, this Digital Far-Infrared is totally affordable that easy to operate and wipe clean.

Most importantly, there are a few advance features, it will help more comfortably heat. 

What Features are available here:

His Sauna Blanket adopts the upper double zipper style when using the sauna blanket, it will free the hands to use the cell phone, read newspapers and books.

Fat Losing Feature:

Can emit 9-14um of far-infrared radiation, thereby creating resonances in the human body with the same frequency cells that induce normal thermal effects in the human body. Fat is oxidized into carbon dioxide, water, and other oxygen compounds. As the sweat is removed from the body it helps to achieve a healthy effect on weight loss.

Time Energy Saving:

The time can be adjusted from 15-60 min. via the controller to change the temperature from 35-75 Celsius. Two zone slimming blanket help the front and back of the body lose weight and detoxify. The battery is not included with the remote control.

Auto Stop Protection:

If an abnormality happens the line is cut immediately, ventilation is stopped and an warning is given for 1 minute. You should be conscious, however, that the usual maximum temperature is 80 degrees. Fold and fire is prohibited. The temperature of heating the folds will reach 120.


Outside is high-end PU oxford fabric, inside is waterproof PVC with robust tensile capability, and though you are in separate sleeping place, the entire portion of the blanket will be dry, and the edges will not be soft.

Safety Tips:

When the spot is too small it is strictly prohibited to fold blankets for heating. Just have to cool it when you stop using it so you can fold it. If you need to scrub, simply twist the moist tissue to dry and wipe it.

Best budget: Uttiny Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Uttiny Far Infrared Sauna BlanketThis Infrared penetrates the body, macromolecular group activity, transforms into heat energy. And it raises the deep skin tissue temperature, facilitates systemic blood supply, and removes the meridians of the body.

In fact, it is used in hot spring and in the living room, or in personal beauty home treatment.

What Features are available here:

Be able to emit 9-14um of far-infrared radiation, thus creating resonances in the human body with the same frequency cells, which are the normal thermal effects in the body.

Fat Losing Feature:

With the blanket, fat will be oxidized to carbon dioxide, water, and other oxygen molecules, along with moisture eliminated from the body, significantly contributes to safe weight loss and detoxification.

Time Energy Saving:

Temperature varies from 35 to 75 degrees Celsius, and time can be set at 15 to 60 minutes, respectively. So weight loss, detoxification, and takes only as long as 15 minutes. Lie down on your weight-loss unit.

Auto Stop Protection:

Once the temperature is detected above 85 degrees, it will automatically disconnect the line, stop heating and alarm for one minute, creating a safe, far-infrared heating thermal weight loss.

Safe Quality Material:

Outer layer made of material of high quality with the versatile stretching capability and not possible to hold. The wire should be able to tolerate any stretching or cracking, using the right quality for an excellent treatment.

Safety tips:

Usage in areas where heat dissipation isn’t fast, such as beds or sofas, is prohibited. It needs to be tiled before used, and not folded. It is important to cool down after use until you can fold it. 

Best buy in 2020: Sauna Blanket, Far Infrared Khan Steam Blanket

Sauna Blanket, Far Infrared Khan Steam BlanketThis sauna blanket is the therapy treatment for the shoulder, hip and neck, back and legs. This deeply calming care fits most customers. Ideal for beauty salon, gym, workout rooms and home use.

The lazy exercise on fitness is unique, reshaping women’s safe and shifting curves. It’s the perfect alternative for ladies who enjoy fashion, sub-health crowd, and the obese men.

What Features are available here:

Far infrared sauna blanket is quick to overcome the life-threatening issues of obesity. With the sauna pad, fat may be oxidized to carbon dioxide, water, and other oxygen molecules, facilitating proper ventilation of the blood and helping to remove metabolic waste from the blood. Healthy weight loss, relax your body, soothe physical tiredness.

Energy conservation:

It has Adjustable temperature varies from  35 ° C ~ 80 ° C. Rapid heating, regular regulation of the temperature, saving energy. Easy to use, quick process, Proprietary heat releases with 9~16μm of infrared rays. 3 Zones Infrared production, the temperature of each temperature zone can be changed separately for better result.

Safe Quality Material:

Water-resistant and made from lightweight material with versatile tensile capacities, even in various places of sleep. Outside is the oxford fabric content of the highest quality, 100 per cent waterproof.

Safety Tips:

This is specifically banned for pregnant mothers, asthma, serious heart failure and other significant illnesses. If you have any buying or using issues, you can also send a message to our support team and we will be pleased to assist you.

Best portable: ETE ETMATE Digital Far-Infrared

ETE ETMATE Digital Far-InfraredExtreme Infrared rays have the ability to penetrate, refract, radiate and reflect in-depth. FIR Is absorbable. FIR converts electricity from light to gas.

The thermal influence inside the tissue’s deep layers induces dilation of blood vessels and capillaries, facilitating proper blood supply, and heat helps to get rid of body contaminants and metabolism.

This sauna blanket has those benefits to help your body fitness. It is suitable for most consumers, particularly for beauty enthusiasts, sub-health crowds who yearn for weight loss, postpartum mothers, recovery therapy patients.

What Features are available here:

Thermal influence within the tissue’s deep layers helps to slim down, improve metabolism. Your muscles will be loosened with this sauna pad, and your entire body will feel comfortable.

Time Energy Saving:

Rapid rise and accurate temperature control, decrease in power consumption. Exclusive heat escapes of an infrared radius of 9~16μm. The time can be set from 15-60 min.

Auto Stop Protection:

If the device is irregular, the temperature is not regulated, unless it is heated to 85 degrees, the system can break the line immediately, avoid heating, unless sending an alarm for one minute.

If the heating wire breaks and the thermal response is high, the unit will cut the line automatically, the screen will show stop heating, and lower the warning for one minute.

Safe Quality Material:

The exterior is constructed from high-quality PU content. Within, PVC is waterproof. And the Heating Wire is designed to tolerate any twists or stretches.

Safety Tips:

To stop the blankets rubbing together, the blanket must be smoothed out while it is warm, do not fold the blanket until it cools and do not set the temperature too high or keep it on for long periods. When you need to clean, quickly loop and wipe the wet cloth to rinse.

Benefits of using an infrared sauna blanket

A great health advantage these sauna blankets bring is certainly an improved distribution of the blood. This increased stimulation of the blood vessels will certainly help you reap a range of health benefits.

One great advantage is the improved brain stimulation and the consistency of mental function. Such devices are also good for managing inflammation and swelling.

This is probably one of the reasons that more people are using these covers to recover from illnesses and eventually to relieve their chronic pain body.

1) Infrared Sauna blanket Help Detoxify

Detoxification is one of the key applications of infrared sauna therapy. Unless you do have a balanced lifestyle, eating fresh food and exposure to clean water, your body may still be bombarded and stress hormones.

These are all modern and distinct forms of problems which we have never seen in the past century. In the past, we hadn’t always had to deal with this and detoxification was easy. However, today, it’s a very different story.

If you want to aspire for long and safe life, you need to accept detoxification. Through making our bodies sweat out the toxins stored in our fat cells, sauna therapy is a critical part of our detox strategy.

2) Get Your Body to Release Its Toxins

The best thing about the far-off infrared sauna is that you can start sweating almost instantly. The sauna doesn’t take any amount of time to preheat. It turns on, and you automatically start sweating.

In fact, the Native Americans found sauna therapy to be the first hospital. And then if anyone was sick, that’s sauna therapy. It was a heat treatment type of thing. Heat shock proteins are proteins that are directly related to your immune system and linked to it. And then, because you have strong immunity, the protein from heat shock improves.

While saunas will help your immunity boost. As well, sauna therapy tends to improve circulation. Yeah, it’s amazing in the lungs for microcirculation. It’s perfect for body wide circulation too. When you sweat too much, the weight loss gets stirred into a knot. This helps shed the fat cells of the body.

3) Healthy Stress

Based on some published evidence, saunas play a role in longevity. There’s a report that came out showing there’s a correlation between sauna use and a reduction in mortality from all causes. It will include those who suffer from aids, lung disease and other diseases.

The other observation was that the dose-dependent effects were below. Men who used the sauna once a week had a 24 per cent decrease in all-cause mortality compared to those who used to use it two to three times a week.

And men who used it at least four days a week saw an all-cause mortality decline of 40 per cent.

4) Induce Positive Heat Stress

The other observation was that the dose-dependent effects were below. Men who used the sauna once a week had a 24 per cent decrease in all-cause mortality compared to those who used to use it two to three times a week.

And men who used it at least four days a week saw an all-cause mortality decline of 40 per cent. Heat shock proteins will prevent the occurrence of a certain form of damage which accumulates in our cell.

The mechanisms of ageing are essentially cell damage accumulated over time. As we mature, decay begins in our cells. They will build up in our blood vessels and ultimately lead to plaques.

The amyloid-beta plaque is the endogenous protein that aggregates in our brains. The positive thing for protein from a heat shock is that it stops the development of this plaque.

5) Heart Health

If using a far-reaching infrared sauna is associated with a reduction in blood pressure, decreased weight and relaxation from stress, it is not a far-reaching jump to think that it could also be associated with a cardiac safety improvement.

A study undertaken by Finnish researchers exploring the health effects of sauna use showed that more frequent sauna use was associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke death.

The total number of people in the sample was 14 minutes per visit to a 175-degree sauna. The men who attended the sauna 4-7 days a week had the lowest mortality rates.

Before purchasing you need to consider about sauna blanket


The configuration will decide what sort of experience a blanket sauna will bring. So look at how each blanket is made is important. The best sauna blankets have three independently controllable heating areas.

Test the measurements to ensure you have a comfortable enough blanket to sit comfortably in. A sauna blanket can also be rolled into a small box so that it can be comfortably packed and transported. The material should be smooth, resilient and impervious to water.


Infrared radiation not only keeps our bodies healthy but is really soothing and rejuvenating. The best infrared sauna blankets use far-reaching infrared technologies which release 4-14um far-infrared radiation which is close to the frequency of the human body’s cells.

Humans body is metabolized Such Far Infrared Rays (FIR). The heat they create penetrates deep into the tissues, cells, muscles, and joints beneath the skin, muscle, and bone, facilitating intense detoxification and cure.


The body’s three zones have at least 3 heating areas for the strongest thermal sauna blankets. Overhead, mid-section, and lower torso. The better also provides individual regulation of heating zones allowing you to set specific temperatures for each of the areas.

To lose abdominal fat, simply set a higher temperature for the mid-section and you’ll sweat more and burn fat in that region. A sauna blanket with a memory feature will recall your settings for temperature and timer, so you don’t have to adjust them each time you use the sauna. Jump indoors to enjoy sun treatment.


The material makes up the blanket and it’s important to be sturdy, smooth and secure, heat-resistant and with the adjustable tensile strength to fit various sleeping positions.

The outside is made of top quality polyurethane (PU) material with the finest infrared sauna blankets. It can withstand high temperatures while the interior is durable polyvinyl (PVC).

The heating wire will be able to tolerate stretches and twists without breakup. Test the sauna blanket reports that you are considering to ensure it has no chemical residue.

Heating Elements

For the best experience, the heating elements in an infrared sauna blanket should have excellent heat conductivity. Carbon fibre heating panels produce the most heat making them the best infrared heaters for personal saunas.

However, they cannot be controlled separately. The best sauna blanket usually has infrared heating zones that utilize the same technology carbon fiber panel’s use but allow for separate control of the heating zones.

Max Temperature

The normal temperature range for sauna blankets is from 77-80 to 160-170 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can pick the heat intensity you want. Most units can reach a maximum temperature of 150 degrees F.

This isn’t as hot as it gets in typical saunas, but even at cooler temperatures, sauna blankets still offer sauna benefits. That is how they use ambient infrared light to directly heat our bodies and reach deep into our tissues.

When you find typical saunas too hot to handle, the advantages of sauna therapy can be enjoyed at a suitable temperature in an infrared sauna blanket.

FAQs about Infrared Sauna Blanket

How often can you use an infrared sauna blanket?

Ans. Sessions are advised to be limited to three times a week and cannot be performed back to back days. This makes modification of the body time, which also gives room for excretion of the dissolved fat.

What do you wear in an infrared sauna blanket?

Ans. It’s suggested that you wear lightweight cotton clothes while you’re in the blanket so you don’t like getting very sweaty: a long sleeve shirt, boots and long trousers. Have plenty of water to drink before and after your sauna session.

When to use the Sauna Blanket for Infrared?

Ans. When to use the Sauna Blanket for Infrared. The blanket is a high quality durable PVC with infrared sensors and remote temperature control. I normally keep the temperature around 7 (it touches 9); that’s all I can do!!! When you get more confident with that, you can work up.

What should I do after an infrared sauna?

Ans. Using an infrared sauna can cause you to sweat a lot and when you get up you can feel lightheaded. When something happens, make sure you carefully stand up and sit down until you’re off the sauna.

Drink water right after the session is done, then wait for your body to calm off before doing something else.

Do infrared saunas really detoxify your body?

Ans. Nowadays infrared sauna spas embrace the belief that the body can be detoxified by the sweat you release during therapy. And remove heavy metals, contaminants and pollutants from the atmosphere.

Sweating alone is not a drug removal mechanism; it is the liver and kidneys that are responsible for the detoxification of the body.

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