Best portable induction cooktops (Top 6 Pick) Jan. 2021 Review

Best Portable Induction Cooktop Consumer Reports (2020)Nowadays, people are going super-fast according to modern world tendency. They don’t want to stick to conventional cooking methods. They search for a good one and a new designable new technology cooking method. The solution to people’s problems is a portable induction cooktop.

An induction cooktop uses an electric field to heat the cookware without the entire cooking surface heating up. To put it plainly, it is not using open fires like a gas burner or hot coils like an electric cooktop. Cooktops with induction come with a single form of burner or double burner and can also be fixed or portable.

Induction Cooktops Consumer Reports will help you find out which induction burner is perfect for you. We elaborate here on the best portable induction cooktops with customers’ reviews.

Why portable induction Cooktop is the best?

Top-rated portable cooktops for induction and found the best for heating, browning, and frying. And there’s also the efficiency by making the cooking vessel the source of heat. Induction cooktops consume about 10% less energy than traditional electric burners and up to half the gas’s capacity. Moreover, the right portable induction cooktop is useful. If you want a lightweight cooking option in your house or something space-saving for a small kitchen, it is simple and easy to carry about with a portable cooktop.

5 Top-Rated Portable Induction Cooktops in 2021

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Best Portable Induction Cooktops 2021 (Reviews)

Portable induction cooktops are added to a new dimension of recent days. Who is loves adventures and travelling, the best portable induction cooktops are great appliances for them? However, you can enjoy your meal no matter where you are with these handy appliances that are speedy, safe, and energy-efficient. Many stovetops rely on a gas-burning flame to provide heat on the cooktop, where portable Induction cooktops use magnetic induction. It is an electronically-controlled coil of metal inside the device that heats the cooking tools directly.  In the process of installation cooking, these stovetops typically cook food quicker that saves time. Another important thing about these portable induction cooktops is that you cannot compare them to regular portable hot plates because they cool down immediately after turning the device off.

True Induction Mini Induction Cooktop

True Induction Mini Duo MD-2B PortableThe True Induction Mini Double Portable Counter Inset Cooktop is the ideal mix of state-of-the-art and elegant design. The smaller size and portable choice make the Mini Duo a perfect package for tiny houses. Induction works utilizing technology in the magnetic field that excites ferrous metals (iron or steel), causing them to give off heat.

This heat is produced in the pot itself so that there is no heat loss between the burner and the bowl. Yet heat is not generated by the burner itself. A significant aspect of portable induction is that it starts to cool down directly after a pot is removed from the burner region. Thereby it is reducing the chance of burning anyone on a burner.

What Features are available here:

This cooktop’s modern architecture was built with simplicity in mind. The face has been designed with a single-piece ceramic glass surface where underneath are the touch sensors. As a cooktop with a double burner, the Mini Duo benefits from the proprietary power-sharing system from True Induction.

This makes it possible for both burners to use the same plug and separate the power while both burners are in operation. The pan detector feature shuts off the unit until it detects a pan on the device’s surface. The machine will also turn on and off until the specified temperature is achieved. Thus it is ensuring that the pot remains at the right temperature and does not overheat.

Cooking space: Cooking in a small room can be a considerable challenge, but it doesn’t have to be with Authentic Induction’s Cooktops. With room in an RV or tiny home too hard to get by, the Counter Inset Model’s minimal footprint is the ideal option. The device is compact enough to carry and then save while your back is on the move.

Easy to Clean: Because touch sensors are situated underneath the glass, making it incredibly convenient to clean the device by merely rubbing a wet towel over it.

Lightweight & Portable: This induction is made an exclusively technological curve so that you can easily carry it without getting into any trouble. It is a small, portable, and very lightweight compact.

Fast Cooking: The magnetic-based technology allows the home cook to produce delicious homemade meals in a fraction of the time traditional stovetops are required. This home cooking revolution makes for more productive preparation, healthy meals, and more time spent with people who matter most.

Energy Conservation: Patented power technology True Inductions enables more energy-efficient cooking by allowing the burners to divide wattage between them. That means the machine is working at 100 on one side and zero on the other, 50/50, 70/30, 60/40, etc. It also helps the engine already in your kitchen to operate more efficiently on the regular 110v outlet.

Safety: The user-friendliness and safety features included in the True Induction cooktop line make them suitable for hotels and assisted living facilities. The induction design ensures that the device uses much less energy than conventional stoves. Reducing both running costs and the risk of injuries makes True Induction an investment that saves money.

Duxtop 1800W Best Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction CooktopDuxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop is the result of high quality in the kitchen areas. It concentrated on ease of use, the material of high quality, ergonomic design, and affordability.

This is a mechanical and almost sorcery cooking induction. The laptop provides lots of options. A heating option is available and is suitable for boiling or sautéing. You can render anything from pasta bolognese to chicken breasts to salmon filets using this heating. The heat turn with runs from a low simmer to quicker than a rolling boil, you might expect. The second choice is to cook temp. Temp helps to cook from 140 to 460 degrees.

What Features are available here:

This item includes Electronic Control Panel and LED panel for quick visibility and monitoring. It has a built-in optical count-down timer for up to 170 minutes. Induction stoves rely on cookware to heat, so choosing magnetic under cookware with a minimum diameter of 5 inches is essential. When no cookware or wrong cookware is found, the auto-pan detector would automatically shut the device off after 60 seconds.

Cooking space: Because it is a small portable Countertop Burner, it is perfect for dorm rooms, home kitchens, backyard cooking, RVs, boats, etc.

Easy to Clean: Cooking does not burn on the oversized glass cooktop without an open flame or heating element. So, this thing makes it easy to clean the induction burner. Just wipe it with a damp towel.

Lightweight & Portable: This 1800-Watt Portable Countertop Burner very Lightweight and compact for easy handling and storage.

Fast Cooking: With an energy consumption rating of 83 percent, the induction cooker is more efficient than conventional gas or electric stoves, but it provides quicker heating and faster cooking times

Energy Conservation: High power Select from 15 preset power rates between 200W and 1800W and 15 preset temperature settings between 140 F and 460 F. It’s 120V/60Hz 15 amps – standard in all homes.

Safety: The Safety functions include auto-pan detection, overheat security w / diagnostic error message system, low and high voltage alert system for your security.

Best budget: hOmeLabs Induction Cooktop

hOmeLabs Portable Induction CooktopHome Labs Portable Cooktop Induction Made with elegant design. It is safe and reliable. This hot plate induction is really cool, gets hot instantly and can go up to 1500watts. Configuration of the device to your needs is simple.

It’s suggested to buy a diffuser or use whatever pan you own that’s not designed for induction hot plates so you can check by inserting a magnet in the pan. If a magnet does not hold, then a diffuser is required. Overall the cooktop is fine. Works great has a good scale and is priced fairly.

What Features are available here:

The coil beneath the glass surface of the cooktop is the key to induction cooking. This coil generates a magnetic field as it positions a ferrous (iron-containing) plate on the floor. Heat is transported just inside the pan and not inside the ceramic container making burns less possible. This cooktop has six methods of cooking. Fry, Boil, Simmer, Boost Mode, Warm Mode, and a Timed Cook are available at the touch of a button.

Cooking space: This induction cooktop has a small footprint, low profile, and is relatively lightweight to be conveniently stored when not in operation, then rapidly placed into practice when appropriate if you buy a full-size kitchen as an extra oven, the central cooker for your apartment, or a cooking system for your RV.

Easy to Clean: The electronic touch controls located inside the induction cooktop’s smooth glass surface make cleaning a breeze. Often, since induction cooktops heat the pan and not the cooking surface, you won’t have to battle burnt on food that is hard to clean anymore. Allow until it cools off to keep the induction cooktop clean, and use a sponge or damp cloth with a cooktop cleaner to wash up any cooking spills.

Lightweight & Portable: This electric cooker is your hand-held stove. It’s small and lightweight, allowing you to carry this electric burner to the top of your counter so you can cook almost anywhere.

Energy Conservation: This hot plate induction is a power-cooker. A force which you regulate. Set the heat wattage from level 1 (120W) to level 10 (1500W) by merely touching the induction burner’s controls.

Safety: This portable induction pot has a one-touch control panel so that you can control it easily with just the tip of your finger. It features a child safety locking mechanism for optimum protection of kids.

Best overall: Cusimax Induction Cooktop

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared CooktopThis two-burner hotplate or warmer is fantastic. Smooth layout, assessed it to boil water, which made it fast, simple to clean, perfect to have for those big holiday meals where you want extra burners or a way to keep it low to stay heated to take to the table later on.

The Hot Plate is packed with a thermal fuse as well as a protective thermostat to overheat. Once it hits the specified temperature, it will automatically turn off for a couple of seconds and then return to the original configuration. This is designed for protection against overheating and for preserving fixed temperature. So, when the indicator automatically turns on and off, it is natural.

What Features are available here:

This cooktop works by infrared heating and has no electric radiation. High thermal efficiency because in only a few seconds, it can reach the maximum temperature.

Retain heat, and this advantage can be used at the end of a cooking cycle where a little heat is required — after the controls are switched off—Black Stainless Steel body designed to survive repeated use and durable ceramic cooktop.

Cooking space: The small size dimension renders it comfortable. Ideal for living quarters, workplaces, hiking, or just the RV. Suitable for everyday use in a crowded kitchen or as an additional cooking appliance.

Easy to Clean: It’s easy to clean as it’s made of ceramic glass infrared. So, no top furnace is needed. Wipe when cool, with a clean, damp cloth.

Lightweight & Portable: This two-burner infrared cooktop is lightweight and takes up little space, is portable, heats very fast, in short, very functional. It suitable for all types of cookware and is more convenient.

Energy Conservation: Compared to a hot plate burner, which takes minutes to heat up, it takes a few seconds for Infrared burners to heat up. Enabled with 120V and 900-Watts (left plate) + 900-Watts (right container), add up to 1800W. Cook food, which involves warm sauces, scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese, boil broth, make soup, prepare pasta and vegetables, and do more. When boiling water, please cover your cooking utensils with a lid.

Safety: Since the infrared burner performs and does not contain harmful radiation, it is harmless to the human body.

Best range: Rosewill 1800 Watt Induction Cooktop

Rosewill 1800 Watt Induction Cooker CooktopTo replace your old electric stove this product can be a fantastic addition. Cooking induction is energy-intensive, heats quickly and the cooktop remains cold to reduce the risk of burns and injuries.

Compared with conventional gas cooktops heat is not wasted. This cooktop is where you can cook versatile dishes.

What Features are available here:

It features A-grade Crystal Plate Surface and 4-digit LED Large-screen Display. This Built-in 3-Hour Digital Timer and Touch Control Panel. Besides, New plate top pattern design. It Included an 18-8 10” 3.5 Qt Stainless Steel Pot.

Fast Cooking: The product is wonderful. It heated 1 cup of water in 20 seconds, unlike many microwaves that take 2.5 minutes.

Energy Conservation: This cooktop has 8 Power levels from 300 to 1800 Watts .Those are  300w, 500w, 700w, 1000w, 1200w, 1400w, 1600w, 1800w.also, has 8 Temperature Settings from 150 to 450 °: 150 °, 200 °, 260 °, 300 °, 350 °, 400 °, 425 °, 450 °/

Best Portable: iSiLER 1800W Induction Cooktop

Portable Induction Cooktop, iSiLER 1800W Sensor TouchThis product is well designed and is good. This range of induction is perfect and extremely efficient. It has a clean, basic, practical look that I like very much, and it looks fantastic on my counter.

This machine can work only with appropriate cookware made of cast iron, stainless steel, and enameled. It won’t fit using metal, plastic, brass, glass or Pyrex cookware, or other cookware with a concaved base. It has immense strength, is relatively easy to use, and is fully effective after using it quite a few times. This can be customized to match your cooking needs and cooks quickly and consistently.

What Features are available here:

It has 9 Power Levels, 9 Preset Temperature Levels, and Long 3-Hour Time. Moreover, the Six-blade whirlwind mute ventilator efficiently dissipates heat to ensure a longer product life. Also, it has sensitive large touch buttons for enhanced usability.

Cooking space: The cooktop’s surface measures 6.7 in (17 cm) in diameter to accommodate the frying pans with a diameter of 3.9-8.6 in (10-22 cm). It provides a comprehensive and consistent heated area ideal for places of minimal space.

Easy to Clean: The whole top is a flat rectangular piece of glass, so it is super easy to clean.

Lightweight & Portable: compact and lightweight with a thickness of just 2.3in (6cm) for easy transport and storage.

Fast Cooking: It heats up faster than gas, super-fast control, and much less chance of burning your hand.

Energy Conservation: Quickly pick the preferred power in 200W increments from 100W to 1800W; 1800W ability to match the different cooking needs. It Temperature adjustable ranging from 140 ° F (60 ° C) to 460 ° F (238 ° C); can be set in increments of 40 ° F.

Safety: When the induction cook top’s internal temperature reaches the selected temperature, this will immediately stop working. The built-in fuse will ensure the internal temperature stays below 563 ° F (295 ° C) at an ambient temperature of 77 ° F (25 ° C). Child safety lock that makes this product more reliable for the utmost in durability.

How to choose the best induction cooktops?

1) Number of Power Settings: Multiple configurations allow finer-grained power and the freedom to do stuff like boil soup instead of letting the induction blast it with hundreds of watts of electricity and continuously do nothing for a couple of seconds.

2) Coil Diameter:

The bigger, the better to best match the burner’s depth with most pans’ bottom diameters; bear in mind that the spherical hotspot should only be about half the coil’s diameter.

3) Fan Quality:

Long-lasting two-ball bearing fans preferred inexpensive, short-lived sleeve bearing fans.

4) Induction Noise:

Inexpensive units tend to create louder squeals, especially at high wattage; squeals sound like high-pitched metal noises on metal.

5) Angled Control Panel:

Do not buy those induction cookers that look like tablets. A large diameter plate can heat the control panel electronics quite quickly since such controls are pan-level. Instead, purchase induction cookers with angled front control panels that don’t cook along with your meal.

6) Warranty Length:

This is the manufacturer’s message to you and shows how much interest they have in the commodity. Don’t even think about buying something with a warranty of under one year.

Factors need to Consider When purchasing Cooktops.

Size: It is essential to find a dream match when buying a induction cooktop. Such cooktops nowadays come in small and large lengths, depending on the kitchen room. Just remember to keep in mind the kitchen room for which you are buying it, the number of people who are going to use it, and the number of burners the cooktop holds.

Over Monitoring of Hot Pan: There are times where you’re so occupied with other things on the market that you forget there’s a pan on the induction cooktop. What occurs naturally in such a situation is that the pan overheats, and then the contents start burning. Often they will start pouring over on the cooktop if the contents are liquid. Make sure you buy one with an automatic shutdown mechanism when purchasing an induction burner in a commercial setting. The reason is that the induction surface does not go too well with overspill and overheated pans. So it’s better to shut it down on its own when the pans are just about to be overheated.

The number of Cooking Zones: The cooking zone on an induction cooktop is the area that heats up with a magnetic current as the induction process begins. In the center of the field, put the pot or saucepan. Inset induction cooktops usually have four cooking zones, while portable induction cooktops range from one to two cooking zones. Once you know what you’re using your cooktop for, you can determine how many areas you need for cooking.

Capacity to keep food warm: If you have a big family, you’ll know that some of them always drag their feet-particularly if it’s a task-even though you invite them to the dining table for dinner. The meal will be cold by the time they get to the table, so when selecting an induction burner to make sure it has the system to keep the food moist. This way, when your guests arrive at the table, your meals stay warm.

Touch controls: Touch controls are essential on your induction cooktop. Make sure they’re easy to read and put in a position not too close to the pan. Additionally, you would be able to rapidly control temperatures, conveniently switch off the cooktop, and handle the child lock from the appliance’s touch controls.

Features of best portable Induction Cooktops

Temperature Sensor

Under the glass cooktop is the temperature sensor in portable induction cookers. The sensor does not automatically calculate the cooking vessel’s food temperature when the temperature is initially adjusted because it takes time for the cooktop to heat up. Likewise, it takes a period for the pot’s temperature or pan to hit the temperature sensor after the device has been turned off. If the food is left on the burner, it can continue to cook for a limited amount of time.

Automatic Safety Shutoff

Also, for a cooktop with no open fires and is not sticky to the touch, protection is an integral aspect. There are plenty of cooktop induction models which for your safety, have an automatic shut-off feature. For most models, the device shuts down until the cookware on the cooktop is no longer recognized by the automatic pan detection sensors. Models also have safety choices that turn off the oven after 30 to 60 seconds without a pan on the cooking line.


It’s essential to have a timer on an induction cooktop, mainly when used to the new appliance. Most useful is a timer of one- to five-minute intervals. If you’re a professional cooktop customer of the induction, usually, five-minute gaps are perfect. However, first-time users can find the one-minute increments of the cooktops.


This will help keep the working panel closed while you are gone. But if after cooking you seem to forget, then buy a burner with auto-lock. It will lock up on its own, leaving untouched after a few minutes. This way, you will avoid hazards from happening at home.

Child Safety Features

 You may need to go with a device that comes from child safety protection like child lock or other helpful features such as non-sensitive touch buttons if you have a family of small children.

FAQs about Portable Induction Cooktop

Are portable induction cooktops safe?

Apart from providing preset temperatures, most induction cooktops have a range of safety features, including automatic shutdown, alarms to stop overheating fires, and locking settings to deter temperatures from rising or discouraging children from using the cooker.

How much cooking space does the typical portable induction cooktop have?

If you want an induction cooktop, the first thing to do would be to determine the mobile measurements. Manufacturers usually manufacture compact induction cooktops with the length and width to be at or near its height. The size of a standard portable cooktop induction is around 2-3”.

Accordingly, as the length of a standard portable cooktop is between 10-13, “this size usually includes the cooking platter. This is the same size you’d see on most stove-top cookers, so it’s like cutting a bite out of your stove and being able to take it around and pack it away.

Do cast iron skillets work on induction cooktops?

Cookware must be compatible with induction heating; only ferrous metal can be heated in most models. Cast iron pans and other pans made of black metal or iron can operate by induction on a cooking sheet.

Inexorable steel pans can work on an induction cooking surface where the pan’s base is a magnetic quality of stainless steel.

How do Induction Cooktops Work?

Induction is based on the electromagnetic field mechanism, which emits energy. Cooktops with induction create a magnetic field across their glass rim, effectively converting the cookware into the heating element.

This inevitably results in the pan heating located on the cooktop of the induction. While the stove is cool to touch, the magnetism between the cookware and the furnace ensures that the cookware cooks the food very fast, not from the cooker itself.

How to Clean an Induction Cooktop?

It’s relatively easy to vacuum an induction cooktop. Wipe the surface with a wet sponge or paper towel after the cooktop has cooled off, and buff with a microfiber sheet. If the cooktop induction requires heavy-duty washing, a small amount of ceramic cooktop cleaner can be added.

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