Best Serta Mattress for Side Sleepers (2020 Review)

Best Serta mattress for side sleepersLooking to get a new Serta mattress for Side Sleepers? There’s plenty to make up for problems such as ease, firmness, size, facilities, off-gassing, and whatnot. Serta is considered a major U.S. mattress manufacturer and is a world pioneer in mattress manufacturing.

The last thing you want to do is come home to an awkward couch because you’re working hard during the day. To add to the comfort factor, there are long-term adverse impacts on the body and health while a low-quality mattress endures.

Best Serta Side Sleepers mattress provides a high degree of support and tailor-made relaxation for different pain points such as the lower back and also helps to protect against allergens. Mattresses with a big sticker on them.

To those wanting a classic feel, conventional alternative to innerspring. Serta mattresses have become a staple in the production of high, comfortable mattresses. Serta may be precisely the groundbreaking approach you’ve been waiting for.

Take a look at our top-rated Serta mattress for side sleepers list if you’re looking for long-lasting comfort.

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The 5 Top-Rated Serta mattress for side sleepers (2020)

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Best Serta mattress for side sleepers: (2020 Reviews)

Sertapedic Firm 300 Innerspring Mattress for side sleepers

Sertapedic Firm 300 Innerspring Mattress for side sleepersThis mattress is the perfect combination of durability and softness. The foam is firm enough not to sink in feeling like you’re in fasts and but flexible enough to match the curves of your body. In this product have coils that provide a stable base for careful aligning of the body.

Between side and back sleeping, you found it comfortable either way. No mattress completely isolates the motions of your companion but this mattress greatly minimizes it from other mattresses. It is a no-flip mattress which means you rotate it instead of tossing it because only one side of the mattress has padding.

Overall, it is an excellent, comfortable and supportive mattress. For a Euro top it’s on the firmer side so if you want a fluffy mattress, you’re falling into, I guess you may want to find a different one. If you choose a firmer mattress with a medium-soft top, however, then this is a perfect option.

What Features are available here:

  • It has around 3″ foam on top of the coils.
  • The mattress measures almost 12″ inches thick.
  • Serta’s Cool Twist Gel Foam coating offers improved breathable warmth while Serta Support Foam helps to create a sensation of extra firmness around the mats.
  • Individually bound Coil Innerspring designs robust and flexible to anybody contour.
  • This Sertapedic mattress is consistent with a radically flexible Serta.
  • King Size Measures 80 inches by 76 inches by 10.5 inches
  • to complete the collection,2 King foundations or platform beds are required

Serta Icomfort Icomfort Hybrid mattress for side sleepers

Serta Icomfort Icomfort Hybrid mattress for side sleepersThis pillow you completely love. Since, this is the right mix of firmness, strength and then the soft layer on top doesn’t feel like a brick. You won’t fall into the mattress anymore, so you don’t have to fight the mattress (like other memory foam mattresses) while tossing so spinning.

The mattress stays comfortable through the night. Seeing how winters feel would be fun. You can say the difference in a hybrid which comes from a traditional spring mattress.

If you’re trapped long enough in one position, the foam will suck you under in just a little while the coils will keep you free. And you’ll love it now! Modern and innovative Serta Icomfort Mattress. Most significantly, the product is reviewed in 5 out of 5 stars.

What Features are available here:

  • The Hybrid Comfort is designed to provide the ultimate in controlling convenience, assistance and temperature.
  • The blue fusion 100 blends 4 coil layers.
  • It has specialist foams to offer improved airflow and pressure-relieving support.
  • The description says it is 10” when the product is actually a little over 12” in thickness.
  • Additionally, you can use Serta customizable beds.
  • A stretchable quilted knit cover with tempactiv fabric offers a breathable and relaxed look.
  • Tempactiv Gel memory foam collects extra heat and dissipates it, helping to keep you cold.
  • Crafted to facilitate motion isolation — so it won’t bother you if your companion moves during the night.


SERTA iCOMFORT BLUE MAX 5000 QUEEN MATTRESSThis bed is made of high-quality fabrics and has been zipped into a fitted cotton cover. It almost in any way resembles a conventional mattress. However, it does work differently first because of the way the body is cradled by the foam and second because of the cooling “solid” materials inserted into the top two layers of foam in this system.

Those who don’t like memory foam also complain about the heat of the body they seem to sit on. The fluid in this bed helps to dissipate the heat and is effective in helping to keep you comfortable. It’s like resting on a moon. In fact, incredibly convenient for someone who is hunting for a sturdy mattress. This bed is perfect for dealing with back problems.

The natural surface is incredibly soft, and you must have covers on top of it, and potentially a mattress pad. This is a relatively thick mattress at 14 “thick. It has a squishy feel and a solid surface, it has a squishy feel and a comfortable surface.

This I Comfort 3000 mattress is light, but it has real lumbar and sacral support potentially comparable to a properly loaded waterbed or air mattress. The solid mattress Blue Max 1000 weighs only 19 pounds less than this one and it doesn’t appear to be loaded any more.

What Features are available here:

  • Crafted with 13.5 “of ultra-premium memory foams.
  • A 6-layered design provides the right amount of cushioning and support over the entire length of the body.
  • Gel memory foam is filled with millions of active beads to control temperature and provide a cool feel to the touch.
  • It responds to body heat and activity, reshaping body weight and relieving pressure.
  • Performs in both types of bed-frames. Box springs, slatted supports, and flexible floors are compatible.
  • Technology gives a cool feeling to the hand that makes you fall asleep.
  • Makes you cool down easily and embrace single body curve.
  • 97 per cent of the owners of iComfort mattresses said they would recommend iComfort to a relative.
  • It builds iComfort mattresses for years of excellent convenience and help from the finest quality fabrics.

Perfect Serta: Sleeper Mattress

Serta Perfect Sleeper with top 500 Innerspring MattressNice upgrade to a brand memory foam mattress in a furniture store which made sleep utterly miserable. This mattress is like sleeping in the clouds. Decent cover with a soft roof, and much better to sleep in than the old gelatinous pain monolith.

Do you know how thick it is?

Over a foot thickness which speaks to the consistency of this mattress as well as the weight and the existence of more than 700 individually wrapped coils. The pillowtop layer offers extra comfort but even this mattress’ bottom layer is fluffy, providing an overall comfortable, cushiony experience.

It Helps with Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam to reduce tossing and turning. Encourages sufficient back support and compatibility with the current Serta 739 Design Service Innerspring.

Overall, a comfortable cook also necessary alongside sweet sleep that will satisfy by best induction cooktops.

What Features are available here:

  • Promotes a healthy temperature of sleep with an overall design of the mattress which helps to facilitate airflow.
  • Minimizes the effect of partner movement with Premium Support Network and Specialized Motion Separation Foams.
  • It’s designed to help overcome 5 common sleep problems with a special collection of features.
  • it Controlled sleeping temperature, partner breathing,
  • This product slope resistance and edge roll-off with Serta’s Last Building Comfort and Best Edge Foam Encasement.

Top-rated: BedStory 12 inch Queen Hybrid Mattress

BedStory 12 inch Queen Hybrid MattressWill your current mattress trigger you to fall asleep? The most economical way to sleep securely is to install a memory foam mattress topper. We know that the body of a sleeper is special. We deliver a variety of choices that match your personal comfort needs.

This materials are flexible, adaptable and manufactured using the latest technologies of memory foam. This certified foam developed by CertiPUR-US with its quality, durability and pollution known to make you feel good about sleep.

Relaxes pressure points for less tossing and turning, and a better night’s sleep. Comfortable, love, with Strong Airflow to endure the sensation of Lifetime Dream. You will now stretch the existing mattress life-and make it more comfortable with powerful airflow.

The Serta Enduring Dream Ultra Memory Foam Mattress Topper delivers 4 inches of supreme comfort & protection – with a smooth, textured cover lined with luxurious gel memory foam. Go deeper into sleep.

What Features are available here:

  • 4 inches of luxury memory foam, gel-infused with a smooth, textured shell.
  • Fits under your covered sheet, quickly.
  • Nurtures healthy synchronization of the spinal cord with a combination of sink-and-sigh relaxation and energizing support.
  • Gel-infused memory foam transmits heat away from the body to create the optimal temperature for sleep.
  • High Airflow technology enables constant ventilation in the cover and produces a coating that does not heat up.
  • The textured cover is washable by hand, retains the topper and suits thick mattresses.

What is the Serta mattress?

Serta mattress is designed with a specific range of features to provide a particular degree of durability and protection, enabling you to break a single mattress into two layers-comfort and support. The warmth you get from the foams and fabrics used in the upholstery layers above the main support structure when you first lie down on a mattress.

Serta uses a range of specialized support foams and fabrics, all built to provide a more supportive sleep with improved cushioning. A Serta mattress support sheet consists of a conventional steel coil innerspring, or of an all-foam cover core.

All Support Systems from Serta is designed to provide adequate back support when you are sleeping. Best Serta mattress for side sleepers is available in a variety of models, features and types, including innerspring, memory foam and hybrid.

Serta Adjustable bed

You can get the custom luxury of your dreams with a Serta-adjustable mattress collection. First of all, Leep with incredibly tailored comfort which can only be supported by a flexible base.

Moreover, Runs the laptop or portable computer more easily by changing the head and/or foot of the mattress. And, relax and pamper yourself with pre-set lounge positions using customizable, whisper-quiet massage settings. Also, elegant, trendy finishes complement every Serta mattress and a range of bedroom furniture.

Health Benefits of Sleeping for Serta mattress

Relieves Back Pain

Within a single year, half of all Americans suffer some form of back pain. Serta mattresses are equivalent to any those on the market. They come fitted with gel memory foam that protects the body during sleep and enables proper spine alignment. It helps the neck, while you are sleeping, not to wake up stiff and exhausted and can help to relieve you from backache.

Cools your Muscles

The gel memory foam is filled with a cooling motion effect that transmits heat from the body to the foam. That helps keep your muscles relaxed and breathable when you’re sleeping. In this way, the body is less anxious, and the muscles are relaxed and soothed.

Relieves Pressure from Joints

The memory foam in the gel is extremely flexible, and it reacts effortlessly to your body movements as you sleep. Such flexibility helps you soothe the pain from your muscles, no matter how much you twist and turn as you sleep.

The net effect of a wake up feeling well fed in the morning, helping the joints to stay healthy for a longer period.

Adjusts to Body Positioning and Movements

The safety and flexibility of the memory gel foam allow the mattress to adapt to the contours of the body, as well as providing additional warmth and cushioning to vulnerable areas.

As the mattress adapts to you and how you sleep, it can relieve pain from the sensitive parts in the body, allowing you to wake up from the new and rejuvenated feeling of a night’s restful sleep.

Follow this Features before buying a Serta mattres

Materials: When shopping for a new mattress, it’s important to consider the various methods of design of the mattress so you can reach the optimal degree of comfort. Currently, three large types of mattress builds are available such as Innerspring, Memory Foam, and Hybrid.

Most mattress stores sell all three styles of mattress construction, all with feelings of comfort ranging from luxuriously soft to extra-firm and you can choose the best one for you.

Below you will find various types of mattresses that will help you appreciate the distinctions and decide which one is right for you.

1) Innerspring

Such typical mattresses have an innerspring of steel coils lined with assorted support foams and fibers.

Today, a range of premium steel coil innerspring for specialized body protection are available including individually wrapped coils and continuous coil construction. Any innerspring mattresses match a flexible bed frame.

2) Memory foam

Instead of a conventional steel coil innerspring, these mattresses have a silicone reinforcement heart, surmounted with a luxury memory foam padding for contouring and pressure-relieving comfort.

Memory foam mattresses offer a very special sense of warmth, while some choose a conventional innerspring or hybrid mattress to be supported.

3) Hybrid

Hybrid mattresses are relatively new to the market and combine memory foam materials with individually packed premium coil innerspring safety systems traditionally intended for all-foam beds only.

These mattresses are an excellent choice for those interested in the benefits of memory foam but willing to experience and assist a steel coil innerspring bed.

Serta mattress Features

There are plenty of choices to remember, from the gel memory foam to a pillow top innerspring mattress. If you choose a solid mattress or a mattress that suits your body when you’re sleeping, think which mattress to give you a night’s sleep.

Shop smarter by learning the various styles of mattresses and by matching costs with identical features on products.

Determine the comfort

Be sure the mattress you’re interested in offers the right amount of support to you and to your sleep buddy. Serta sells a number of mattresses that vary from very firm to very comfortable, and each has a choice for warmth.

Check the various versions to see which one suits your needs best.


This mattress is very similar to the middle of Serta’s firmness scale, but it’s still on the firm side compared to many on the market mattresses. This mattress is a very unique firmness — firm but not too firm — that could fit certain customers who favour innerspring mattresses and sleep mainly on their backing.

The set of beds by Serta Ideal Sleeper is promising to help alleviate five rising sleep issues, including hot sleep and tossing and turning. Models can be used in innerspring, gel, and a combination of both (hybrids).

Mattress size

A little more room to stretch can go a long way as it comes to sleeping comfort. Although your full-size mattress can seem a good fit for you and your family, that your mattress size to a queen or king mattress may be a game-changer.

And, if you’ve got pets, you may prefer a larger mattress. When you’re looking for your child’s first mattress, remember a new mattress will live with him or her into their teenage years.

Their growing bodies do require space to stretch, so consider moving to a complete or queen mattress.


Open your mattress outside your house and let it off-gas in a well-ventilated place with a cross breeze for at least two days. When you can’t stop gassing your mattress inside your house, open your windows and improve the circulation of air where possible


Mattress is also calculated by the comfort point and when it comes to Serta it has achieved all the levels in terms of comfort. Their mattresses are audited and approved by a panel of experts.

The Serta mattresses adhere similarly to the body functions of the sleeper in order to fit best with the spine and help reduce pressure points from the incident.

Adjustable Foundation

Adjustable bases are designed to provide personalized comfort and help to your experience with the mattress. These aren’t former hospital beds.

Instead, these sophisticated structures are the ideal option for those who use their mattress for things other than sleeping, such as watching TV, being wrapped up in emails or even lounging after a busy day. Some flexible base versions have innovative features such as embedded treatment equipment and flexible support for the lumbar.


How long does it last? The question may cross your mind when you buy a mattress. Some of the materials and components used in a mattress are smoother as they avoid working more under the hard parts of the body.

On the other side, after using it for longer, the fibre material can pinch and become less usable and inefficient. That is why it is important to determine the longevity and existence of the mattress as a whole.

Therefore, the first step you need to take when looking for the most durable mattresses is understanding which type of mattress is ideally suited to you. If the decision has been made, so you are one step closer to making the right option.

FAQs about Serta Mattress for Side Sleepers

Is a Serta Perfect Sleeper a good mattress?

Ans. The Serta Ideal Sleeper range is a widely recognizable full line of plush mattresses, available in memory foam and innerspring.

offering customers diverse versions with unique features and benefits that are genuinely inexpensive and revolutionary and compatible as compared to other mattress brands with similar specifications.

Are Serta mattresses toxic?

Ans. Both Serta’s foams are made without the use of flame retardants PBDE, CFCs, arsenic, asbestos, banned phthalates, and other potentially hazardous compounds.

How firm should a mattress be if you sleep on your side?

Ans. Side sleepers will be asking for a softer-than-average mattress; between a 5 and 6.5 should be a good side sleeping mattress on a scale of 1-10.

A mattress with this firmness will relieve the pressure on the back and knees, and you can sleep through the night without any pain in some areas. It might also be too much of a medium firmness.

What mattress is best for side sleepers who have back pain?

Ans. The Level Sleep would be a good match for side sleepers struggling with back pain; it features a zoned system which provides excellent lumbar support and pressure relief under the shoulders.

By staying in good neutral orientation, it will ensure that side sleepers get the necessary pressure relief.

Can memory foam cause back pain?

Ans. Many sleepers will also feel back pain on a memory foam mattress because the contours of their body to the mattress do not fit correctly with the spine. However, a memory foam mattress can be prescribed in several cases for back pain.

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